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Almond Grove

Pollination Services 

California: Bees are critical to the production of almonds and we are happy to partner with growers and brokers to help meet the ever increasing demand for bees to pollinate these crops. Contact us if you are interested in having hives placed on your orchards.

Texas: Bees contribute to the production of any crops that need cross-pollination services. Contact us if you are interested in having bees on your property for citrus, watermelon, or other crop pollination.

integriBees North Dakota & Texas Honey Bottles

Liquid Honey

Freshly Extracted, TX Tallow- From our Hives to your Jars

Our TX Tallow honey is available for sale by the pound each year during extraction season (June to July). This honey features a bolder flavor profile, and is a favorite of most locals. If you are interested, contact us to schedule drop off of your own containers for filling or preparation of containers for pickup.

Premium Unfiltered ND Honey

Each year, just after its extraction, we select some of our finest North Dakota honey for bottling into beautifully packaged glass jars. With a mildly sweet flavor profile, our honey will add the perfect note to your morning toast, coffee, and baked goods.

Each jar is one (1) net pound of honey, available for purchase individually or in cases of 12.

integriBees ND Whipped (Creamed) Honey in bottle

Premium Whipped Honey

ND alfalfa and clover blossoms are the primary source of nectar for our deliciously whipped honey. Our unfiltered honey celebrates one of honey’s natural properties (crystallization) by whipping air into honey that has fine honey granules for a light, smooth and spreadable treat.

Each jar is fourteen (14) net ounces of honey, available for purchase individually or in cases of 12.

Hives for Sale

Whether you have recently discovered a new passion for bees and want to purchase your first (or fourth) hive, or you are interested in expanding your current operation and looking for a semi-load, we are available to provide you with hives fit for a queen.

Contact us for current pricing and availability.

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