Our Story

About Us

A Brief History of integriBees 

Started in 2003, the idea for integriBees centralized around developing quality hives that would help sweeten the world around us.

Bee care isn’t complicated, but it does require heart and passion. After spending some time in office and manufacturing careers, our founders, Randy and Roberta Verhoek, embarked on creating a business that they could incorporate their family and faith into.

They started with 500 hives and an apprenticeship with Roberta’s grandfather. Throughout the years, we have heeded her grandather’s advice: Take care of the bees and they will take care of you. 

Presently, between integriBees and Harvest Honey (our sister company) we operate 5,000-10,000 colonies annually.

Our bees contribute to almond pollination in California, local wildflower and crop pollination in Texas, and honey production.

Meet Our Hive

Queen Bee: Roberta

Queen Bee: Roberta

Guard Bee: Rebekah

Guard Bee: Rebekah

Legal Department Lead
Nurse Bee: Maria

Nurse Bee: Maria

Human Resources
Forager Bee: Victor

Forager Bee: Victor

Operations Manager/Head of Sales
Controller Bee: Rochelle

Temperature Controller Bee: Rochelle

Head of Finances
Worker & Builder Bees:

Ancelmo “Pancho” 

El Sauce, Leon, Nicaragua

Darwin “El sauceño”

El Sauce, Leon, Nicaragua

Enrique “Kike”

Matagalpa, Nicaragua

Gilberto “Don Beto”

Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico

Ivan Andres

Santa Elena, Santa Elena, Ecuador

Miguel “Camacho” 

San Fernando, Municipio El Sauce, Nicaragua

Nelson “El Pariente”

El Sauce, Leon, Nicaragua

Nildenson “Wirro”

Jocoro, Morazan, El Salvador


Jocoro, Morazan, El Salvador

Rafael “Capitan”

Leon, Nicaragua

Salvador “La Máquina”

Estelí, Nicaragua


Santa Elena, Santa Elena, Ecuador

It’s more than just bee work: protecting nature’s pollinators to sweeten lives and the world around us.

Core Values


Manage the Natural Resources & Time that supports our business in a way that stewards the environment and provides excellent care for the bees.

Doing Things Right the First Time 

Communicate clearly. Accomplish Correctly. Perform Efficiently 

Family Oriented

Balance work & family life for the best interest of our people.

Sweetening Lives

We believe that blessings received are to be shared. We are intentional in giving to the community, tithing off of our income, and creating jobs & opportunities for those who may not otherwise have one.


Truth & Transparency in all of our products.