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Sweetening the
World Around Us

We are stewards of the environment and provide the best care possible for the happiest, healthiest bees on the planet. It’s more than just bee work, our purpose is to protect nature’s pollinators to sweeten lives and the world around us.

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Commercial beekeeping practices can be hard on bees, which is why we focus on mitigating these areas where possible while sweetening the world through honey production and pollination.

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What Makes Happy,
Healthy Bees

Happy, healthy bees rely on a delicate balance within the hive. They need a queen that continues to lay eggs to produce each subsequent generation and emit her own sort of perfume (pheromones) to communicate with her family that she is well. Apart from the queen, there are two other types of bees within each hive, male bees called drones, and female bees called workers.

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